The Visionaries of the MCS were motivated by among other factors the conviction that relevant quality education can offer solutions to Zimbabwe’s challenges, create a sustainable culture of entrepreneurship and produce a school leaver steeped in Christian ethics and 21st Century Skills. These skills include, opportunity identification, problem solving, creativity, information technology, financial literacy, communication, civic literacy, environmental management and globalisation. This underpins the vision and objectives of MCS.

To ensure academic excellence and the acquisition of 21st Century Skills MCS emphasise the application of classroom knowledge to the real world situations. This is achieved by encouraging students to undertake projects that provokes critical thinking and problem solving. These projects includes horticulture, biogas, debating, visiting the less privileged children and visiting nation, regional and international study tours.

The success of academic and extra-curricular activities are in no small measure due to competent management, the recruitment of highly qualified and experienced classroom practitioners, the deployment of technology, the cultivation of a coulure of teamwork, love , care and above all faith in God.

The burning desire of the Visionaries of MCS is  to produce students who can dare to make a difference in the midst of challenges in areas of business, technology and social transformation for the better.
The above quote from renowned scientist, Albert Einstein aptly describes the instrumental role Maranatha Christian Schools is playing in moulding its students to become enterprising future leaders.

From a mere dream to accentuate the country’s education system, Maranatha Christian Schools has become a colossal in Zimbabwe’s the education system by producing young men and women who have gone to do well in various universities and other learning institutions across the globe.

Since its inception in 2008 the schools refused to be defined by the hyper inflationary environment and its associated economic challenges but instead it chose to defined its own environment by converting a once dumping site into a centre of academic excellence. The schools were founded on Christian ethos and strives to create a harmonious learning environment while balancing academic demands, sporting, cultural and community life.

Compromised of two academic entities, Maranatha Junior Schools (MJS) and Maranatha Christian High School (MCHS), the Group creates room for students to showcase their abilities and explore opportunities that lie ahead.

It challenges its pupils to be intellectually inquisitive, while allowing them to show their potential through engaging in different activities in and outside the classroom.

The Group’s outstanding teaching, information technology and impressive infrastructure provides an ideal environment in which pupils can explore and learn.

Pupils are supported through a wide range of enrichment activities and regularly achieve recognition in national competitions.

Maranatha Group of Schools believes that pupils should be given opportunities to develop and practise the employability and life skills they need to be successful in the future.

These skills are developed through a variety of innovative academic enrichment programmes.

Under the leadership of highly experienced and qualified heads of schools, the Group boasts not only of a competent teaching staff equipped with  relevant teaching materials,  but it also takes pride in up to date academic and co-curricular facilities enjoyed by the students of today.

We are proud of the growth of our school within the ethos we have never forgotten, to become one of the leading trust schools in this country.

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