Maranatha Junior School Newsflash!

As recognised by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Champions Centre, once again, greatly celebrates the 2017 Grade 7 outstanding 100% performance as specially recognized by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education where our little ones did extra-ordinarily well. This tallies well with sound parental/guardians’ ‘unwavering support’. In conjunction, the Maranatha Family is delighted to be associated with such success. With continued teamwork, we absolutely remain dedicated in the maintenance of such a calibre of results that are dominated by academic excellence. Teamwork, interspersed with commitment, coupled with diligence has indeed assisted us in sculpting champions. It is our sincere hope that 2018 will be celebrated again.

MJS also appreciates our 2017 Head Girl Rudairo Mujajati, who passed with 5 units and our Head Boy Isheanesu Mvundura who passed with 6 units. It is our desire that they will remain as tomorrow’s cultured leaders

Best in Mabelreign 10 school Cluster Maranatha Junior School Number 1
Best in Mabelreign/ Warren Park District school with 43 primary schools Maranatha Junior School Number 1
 Ranking of schools with candidates scoring 5 units in the Warren Park Mabelreign District 6/43

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